Who is Judah?

Judah is a biblical name, a common name, a name of the petriach, a name of the traitor, a name just like any other names throughout human history.  Geneologists like to study names, because of the hidden meanings carried with or embedded with the alphabets, with the users, depicts the feats of the unknown users, foretold the story when needed to suggest a change of directions in the play.  Obviously, it is the play we are partaking of, and within the same play we find our logical sequence during the illogical allignments which our wildest dreams could only reflect to us what was really happenning.  Matters not, so long as you are not the elements of the background, it strikes you much less than the actual involvement within one of the historic accounts of Exodus, of Exiles, of Restorations, of Rebuilding the Walls, of taking the Gates, of fixing the Watchtowers, and building of the Temple of God, in Jerusalem, in Bethel, in Samaria, in Carmel, and in Heifa.  Tel Aviv is the Capital, therefore, everything is new, perhaps with the exception of Jaffa.  Peter had to come to his own conclusion as to what it is pure and holy so that he would not offend others later on, except with Paul, the most prominent disciple of Gamaleh, who was the reknowned teacher of the Pharesees.  Today, they may be reckonized as scholars.
Everybody has to come from somewhere and be a gruaduate from some school, big or small, great or contemporary.  Maybe it was not the number one school of the famous University or College rolls, but, the University of Tasus can surely be the best from the list of Universities other than the modern ones that we know of.  One thing to bear in mind is that no matter from what school one graduates, try not to be a Judah in one's life time is also a successful outcome of the unleaven bread.
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