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South Land - Los Angeles is the place the Young Lions of Judah Ministry currently encamped. It is the desire of the operational teammates to impart and to surmon the donations and loves for situations amid the temperary time, consecutively turns adaptive principals to suggest His Second Coming even though the light tonight still remains unquarrowsome. Send visitors to verify rather ministry and its entire team for the maturity, strength, conditioning momentum from face up to the crucible among us. Not that unction shall be just reserved for an elite group, quite opposite to the new quell egolistic vestry as functionally cureable in the business of God. Please contact us at your free time and send us a message to give us the updates of your spiritual journey with God, through the Fellowship with the Saints and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
Maybe you can also help us to develop a new charter of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry in your vacinity, why not help us to help yourself.  Halleluia is the song we still sings among all of us, praise and worship is the basic fundemental trainings we can all inherit and to make it big among the crowds.  Tell us first hand what you do with your spare time.  Email or send us a feedback from the vehicles of communication to build sound relationship or to participate in the current events to show your support of our ministry with you in mind.
Should you have any prayer requests, please let us know.  I will intercede for you personally, if We are not available.  However, do not be shy or silent, on website, silient is not Gold, it costs money to be silent.  Therefore, speak up and speak out to help us to help you, in advertently to rescue the Community at Large, so that They will not feel been ignored or being tucked away on the side like a copy of last sunday's newspapers, so comfortable, yet the readers just do not get enough time of the day to browse through it, no mention about reading. 
If indeed you need to send us something and give us a head's up or a hat up, you can reach us at:
The Young Lions Of Judah Ministry
P. O. Box 81163
San Marino, CA 91118
I will set up an email address specifically for this ministry account, so that it will not be a mixture of everything like a fruit cake.  That too is my personal wish to have a clear channel for communication.  Maybe yours too to communicate clearly what you want to say and say it!
There are other addresses I can post it on the website.  However, I would not be able to receive it.  I am here and here I am.  There you are.  Okay!  What's Up?!
I notice that the Pope Benedictine XIV has retired.  That is new too.  If the Pope retires so soon and so often, we can have a few of the Holy Fathers around to support the ministry.  But, I am just do my little part to help out on the Grandiloquent Kingdom of God on Earth.  I mean planet Earth, not every planet in the Universe yet. 
If indeed you would like to have a word of God from the Young Lions of Judah Ministry, you may submit the requests.  However, it takes time to get response back to you. Do not be shocked if the content is not the same as the wrappings.  People wraps up everything in the paper and think it was good.  I too wants to be good and do good to what I heard and read and saw, but, there is a fine line to what it really is. 
No mention of the Avante Guards, if they do not move forward, somebody else will.  Guess what, the life will move you and I forward if we try hard to stand still.  Therefore, do not just wait for it. 
Rather, Wait upon Him.  He knows what you needs are EVEN BEFORE you can even ask of Him. 
That is where the Faith Comes in to play in life. 
Hope you understand :)
Jesus Love You!!
Young Lions of Judah Ministry,
P. O. Box 81163, San Marino, CA 91118 Telephone: (626)818-3350(C), (626)-799-6161 (O). Address: 1515 Garfield Ave., S. Pasadena, CA 91030


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