The Intercessory Group

The Intercessory Group of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry

By Chen Fang

It is obviously necessarily to detail the forthcoming of the Intercessory Group of the Young Lions of Judah Ministry since prayers move the Mighty Hands of God. With the detailed understandings of the importance to which the unanswered prayers must to be released and the answers must coming forward to satisfied the seekers and the earnings of the longing souls in its entirety to make Heaven their kneeling pads, the Thrones of God, their mercy seats, that the anticipating prayers of the righteous may then avail much. While the saints of the Most High God waiting patiently on Earth, the intercessory prayers of many believers will be going up like the incense fired up from the canisters to elevate each and every request to the Father in Heaven. To reserve and to rescue the fallen, the down-trodden, the perished on the way side, the lost ones, the decadence, and the soiled honors, the dirty gables can then be retrieved, and the honor restored, the dirty cleansed, the restoration of the erosive and corrosive works of the Holy One of Israel be seen and visible to all mankind.

There will never be a line too long, and a post too shabby to those whose hearts are open to Heavenly cries of the unending search for the lost, for the missing, for the hidden, and for the needy ones. The hearing aid of the modern society only enhances our understandings and believes that the answers from on High is coming and coming fast than we can behold. Time is short, yet, the answers to the calls all over the world cannot be heard, because we kneeled down without a fight, because we tolerated without a battle cry, because we forsook those injured ones too soon, because we have too many excuses for the devourers, that we have been left without a cause because we depend on the self-destructive structural of because. There must be a causal in order to be a cause for action, there must be a cause for us not to act upon, or acting out, just because it was not the time, it is not yet time, it will never be a correct time to fix each and every joints of the jigsaw puzzles in a twinkling of eyes. Likewise, it will never be the right time to take a breakfast, eating a lunch, having a sandwich, nonetheless, people does it all the time. Time is not the problem, the lack of is.

During the spiritual warfare, time also plays an important part, because we get our prayers, intercessions answered in time. We receive vision, dream, trances, and words time after time during our incessant wrestling and battling for the will of the Heaven become part of the Accomplished Deeds on Earth. Intercessors are always needed and called to the frontline during their times of intercessions for many points and events of the life of the individuals, groups, organizations, and most above all the will of the Father in Heaven to be down on Earth. Nothing is more important and nothing can be so important that an individual cannot pray, and cannot intercede for others. Nothing could be done had we left what needed to be done undone. Heaven will not come upon us easily, for we are of the Earth and we live on Earth. However, if anyone desires a greater reward, then he or she must be able to welding their swords of Spirit to wage war in the Heavenlies to win or the overcome, to subdue or to contend for righteousness sake.

Paul did not introduce us to the invisible world with an invincible enemy without first bidding us to aim our trust in Jesus the Christ. Paul did what the Lord Jesus did not talk about while carrying out his earthly ministry. Our ministry obviously is for Earth, needless to say that our goals gearing upward to the Heavens. Therefore, we need intercessors and prayer supports to engage in the current ministry. The uniqueness of the calling that the Most High God placed upon our hearts will demand the significant people like you to embrace his will for a better ministry settings, a successful tomorrow today even in your life. Do you know intercessory prayers bless you the most when you lifted up your holy hands toward Heaven and intercede on the behave of others whose ear has never heard of the name of Jesus nor would they ever have a chance offered to them for their repentance during their course of activities in the earthly life? Missioners normally work for the organizations they belong, but the intercessors are working for the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere in the World without bound. I command you to kneel and to join in with others whose final destination is not planet Earth but the Kingdom of God, the International community of the New Jerusalem in Heaven.

Even if one saved, it is the result of your willingness, and it is the hard work you have offered to help to accomplish the tasks on hand. It is on our hands, brothers and sisters, that the Holy Spirit might have the chance to reach the unreached and to touch the untouchable, without your concurrence it will not have taken place. Remember whence was you saved, it was the toiling, the ceaseless hard work for others who went before you to the Throne of Mercy or our God for your redemption. Think again, where can it be without the intercessors who had mercies for your timid life, tiny beings. Give thank, and be thankful to offer your time for others to be saved. Maybe you cannot leave where you are, but you can surely lift up others to where they would want to be.

Perhaps it is not even for your sake that you are convinced our ministry will have a place for you. No doubt, we will always lift you up in our intercessory prayers to echo back what the invincible and the unmovable to be out of their places so that you too can have your miracles. We want to hear from you about your miracles, and the answered prayers you have dealt with in the time of Revival, prior to the shaking of the Heaven and the Earth. Enter the Ark, by all means. Come on board, while the door is still ajar. Wait no more, time will not return. Join us, put down your hands on the plow. Plow it.

Thank you and God Bless. Shalom! Shalom!

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