Thank You!

The Lord is Good and Worthy to be Praised!  This past week I met a friend who had been on my mind for the past several weeks.  I was wondering what had happened to him since we met in Jerusalem.  We were sleeping side by side among many others in the lobby of the Ramat Rachel Hotel, which is next to the archiological site of the Ramat Rachel.  We went to join with others from all over the world to celebrate Yum KIppur, and Shuccot, i.e., the Feast of Tabernacle in 2011, when the rest of the World laid under the siege of horror. How wonderful it is that the brotheren live together in peace.   It was the first time I got to see someone like me from outer Mongolia.  He stood on the sidewalk wearing a pari of sun glasses and asking me if I know him, while I was looking down on my footsteps and pondering what would have been if I need to find him out from Mongolia.  It was a country with vast territory, yet, not too many people living on it.  His voice raised my curiousity and I was behoofing of the situations.  I looked closely at him for a moment, that was because I wanted to make sense of what I saw.  Oh, my God, that was the same person I was thinking about for the pass few days.  He was standing in front of me, and talking to me as it was on the day we were living in Jerusalem.  Then, I felt so ccomforted that He really watches over us.  Look no more, the one I was looking for is here without any effort of my own. 
He has come to study in the States.  I am just so thankful to God.  He was in the picture with me too.  God is so wonderful that we did not have information about each other, but we get to see each other again.  The world is so small.  Yet, it is so real.  I am grateful for this small website, for it bridge the gap for all of us.  And, thank you all for saying prayers for us.  This is really the Church we belong to, the Church that Paul and Peter belongs to, for we all met in Jerusalem and worshipped in Jerusalem, like Jesus did before his passion.  There are so much tears inside me, that I could not stop weeping for the lost, for the reality we live in.  It is just so real that even dreams cannot stop the love of God to flow throughout the land.  Looking forward to go back to Jerusalem again.  Who knows what else the Lord might just have in store for all of us.  Jerusalem is our passion, and to go to Holyland is our compassion.  It is good to go over to the Lion Gate through Jaffa Gate, which links the miracles of Peter and Paul with the Church of the East.  Now, Paul's desciples are coming in to the Old City of Jerusalem through Lion Gate,  The coming of the Lamb of God will enthrone the seat of Mercy.  The restoration of the tent of David will take place with many thanks and praises to God.  El Shedai, the Lord of Hosts.  Mighty and Power.  The King will come in.  Who is the King of Glory?  Mighty and Power, He is the King of Glory!  Holy!  Holy!  Holy!  El Elyon, He is the King of Glory!  Holy is the Lamb.   He who is the Young Lion of Judah, will reign.  .
We also thank you for your cheritible donations.  Although we are not able to shake your hands and to greet you personally.  Yet, we will thank you for your sacrifice for the Kingdom of God.  For we live not of our own, like Paul, like Peter, like John, like Elijah, like Jeremiah, or even like Jonah, whose three day adventure in the bally of the great fish had forecasted the same event of different origin to bring the world back to its root.  At the foundation of the world the Lamb of God had been slain and now He is waiting to come back.  Like the disciples of acts, they all looked upward when Jesus was taking the Cloud going up.  Now the Cloud technology has filled the World Wide Web.  Is it not the time for the same Jesus who had ascended to Heaven on the Cloud to come back again?  He shall come with all the Saints of God on the C-L-O-U-D.  THANK YOU FOR giving me the Chance to thank you.  May God Bless you!

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