Cleansing Comes Before Healing

Lo and Behold!  To Most of us, we want healing, and we want to be healed yesterday today.  And, that is good since motivations bring about healing.  The reality of become healed and whole do take place after one has been cleansed, i.e., received some sort of cleansing according to the teaching of Bible, and the way to be cleansed is also a preparation to become healed.  Therefore, what is required to be cleansed?  in the Bible, one of the most peculiar case was the healing of the Assyrian General Neiman. to us, in our limited understanding to what God can do and should do are fairly limited to the friends of God, instead of the foes of God, or of the people of God.  Yet, the story has its twists and turns, in the end, they have all got what they would want to have, including what they did not want to have, that which God has added unto them that disobeyed to the requirements of the Bible.  Listen and learn!  While the majority of us do not want bad things to happen to good people, yet, nobody can say for sure that their choices were so absolutely corrected.  God in his infinite wisdom has to deponstrated for us to fully perceive what he would want his people to be. 
Cleansing includes, but not limited to take a bath, i.e., bathing oneself from head to toes, with soap, with oil, with the holy water, and even with the Words of the Lord to all people.
In our daily living, cleansing includes bathing with the clean water, not just bathing water.  That way, we can receive our health, our metablism, and our sound mind.
The cleansing God wants is the one that is sanctified by incense, by anointing oil, by the declaration of Remah from Logos.  A lot of time, it requires Chanting and interactive questionings and answers to bring the events, the phenomeon, and the situation to correct prospectives.
The Most important one among all practices is that the application of the blood - the Blood of the Lamb of God.  Most of us never questioned "Why", and all of us take it for granted as to whether the Blood of the Lamb shall be applied to my case, instead of somebodyelse's case.  Tell you the truth, we think the least of the applications by the Blood of the Lamb, even though it was through the shedding of His Blood that we are redeemed, and our sins were forgiven us. 
It is by the Righteousness of God that without the Sheding of the Blood, the Sins cannot be forgiven.
It is also the invisible realm takes the lead over the visible realm.  Why?  Because, in most of the time, the sins were been committed behind the eyes of the people.  Therefore, the one that tries to resolve it or dissolve it, did not commit the crime on the first hands, so also made it impossible to grant the pardon when knowingly knew nothing of its natural in the beginning, during the progress, and at the end.  If one do not have all the evidences, one cannot present a judgment.  When the sins cannot be judged, it cannot be defined as being sinful.  If it is not a sin, then it cannot be forgiven.  Without offensive behavior there cannot come with a defensive response to quench the offense; likewise, Forgiveness must come after offense been established.  Conjugation cannot have happened should the tense and the person did not change.  On the other hand, if the deed performmed, does offend God and His Nature, then, there exists no offensive behavior.  To God, to the individual, and to the public, there existed no discourses so that a marked misdeed can be detected, and the person disdained, and the case detained. 
Verbatim is also important to the cleansing or the process thereof.  This is what we deemed powerful and the demonstrating of power is through the retrospective dictations of the words from our own tongues to set us free from any and all predictments that will eventually infusing us on our dealings with others.   
Most of the people will consider the last unction is the essential element for the sick, the aged, the lonesome ones, and the forgiven ones to go into the next world as a ticket of entry into the other ball games.  However, it is the essential course of conversations taking place between the Priest and the departee make up the ceterfold of the changing of the existence to the after, or none existence.  That can just be a procedure of cleansing, so that the departee(s) can be peacefully led into the other world to star anew. 
Never the less, it is the interaction of cleansing to grant us the healing of mind, of soul, of body, of spirit, and of will, and of emotion.  Healing then is the opposite of the cleansing, or watering to the soil.  Theology is important and especially inclusively important when a healing or phenomenoen of Healing take place.  It has to be around Jesus or centered at the work of Christ - the anointed one of God.  Otherwise, it can be a temperal release of the trick of the enemy, of the demonstrating of power, be it earthly or divinely. 
People of other faith also have the same sort of activities, however, if it was not of Jesus Christ, then it meant nothing to us, or even to them, becauise it is not to be recognized by the Father in Heaven, the Creator of all things, both visible and invisible. 
virture is a deed, yet, it is not a criteria for cleansing, nor healing.  Virture is a condition of the individual when in the presence of God, the creature reflects the behavior of the Creator, then, we have a virturous person, since it shows only the good, the fairness, the perfection of God. 
In the present, as it is in the past, cleansing is to be performed by one who is seeking the cleansing and the one that is granting the seeker, the desire of his/her hearts to become spotless, without wrinkles, and all kinds of diseases.  In the sense, cleansing requires at least the participation of two parties of the same of opposite interests to reach the same goal the seeker and the counselors were in agreement to the potential results of the interactions.  It is the virture bestalled by God, that which is not of the individual nor the assitant in the process of being cleansed and released.

There is no set equations for such a scenario since both are mortals, the only inmortally involved is the spiritual realm to whcih we subscribe our healing to the Almighty God, Jehovah rapha-el.  The healing then has to come from God. 

Water has always been the natural elements to clean and to heal.  Therefore, water is the element of cleansing and also healing.  Water rinses off our external body, water cleanse our interal body.  Water is also an element of ritual, which we contented it as becoming the Blood of the Lamb of God. 
During the last supper, after the meal, Jesus washed the feet of the individual disciples who had followed him since the day they were called to leave their earthly duties to follow the Son of God.  That was the first time, Jesus told them that if he is not washing them of their feet, they will not have any part within him.  Yet, the majority of the Church goers have never concerned the event as it was a simple conversation carried out between Jesus and his disciple Peter.  The misnormmer was that Jesus has many requirements for Peter, therefore, it stayed still with the mural on the wall if any.  But, in reality, Jesus is seeking those of whom whose desires were not just to be fed and to have fellowship with him.  In the course of foot bathing - washing, he has once again cleansed them, whether they knew it nor not.  What matters was that Jesus just want to confirm that all the sheeps, the Father in Heaven allotted to him had him kept well.  Poingnently speaking, Jesus has also pointed out the one who was going to betray him, and sending him into the hands of the Sanhedrim. 
Warning, Prophetic acts, Farewell, Fellowship, Discipleship, Charity, Ferternity, Solemnity, and Requirem, all took place during the cleansing in the Last Supper.  Earlier on that day, Jesus was with the Disciples east of brooks on the slope of the Mountain Olive, opposite of the Temple of Herod the Great in Jerusalem.  While he was with the disciples at the small chapel, he declared that the destruction of the City of Jerusalem, and the demolishment of the Temple, which He predicted the event 40 years into the making.  Those disciples had never thought that one day in their finite life span, that they would see it happen vividly in front of their eyes.  Today, when we trodding on the land of the Essennes, and soaking in the water of the Dead Sea, the Scroll once again unscrolled itself to the world.  Maybe the Lord is saying something to the disciples of these generations. 
It could be just as painfully when Jesus was first said it all to the innoscent ones of his small group.  But, it has been unscrolled once again, what was left undone, unspoken, and unread, is now demanding our attentions. 
Can we not cleanse ourselves knowingly someone oneday soon all this predictions will come to pass? 
Can we remain ignorant of our times?
Can we be cleansed for his return?
Enoch and Elijah will soon return, will they not?
Jesus shall return, shall he not?
The Ark of the Tabernacle of David, had been returned.
The Ark of the Temple of Solomon, will have to be returned.
Some times some things might be displaced, but,
so far God has not misplaced anything.
Be ye Cleansed as I AM Cleansed.
Be ye Healed, as I AM Healed.
Be ye Faithful, as I AM Faithful.
                                                                       ---Jesus Christ---


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