Long before the end comes, the prophecies by Isaiah and others had given the direction as to where the remnants can go to escape the wrath of the Anti-Christ.  Selah has once again become the City of Refugee and the Land of the Avant Guard to protect and to provide security and comfort to all her inhabitants from across the River Jordan.  Once upon a time, Joshua had led his people the same people Moses had led when Joshua was young.  Of course, there were more people who had followed after Moses to leave Egypt, to depart from the hard labors at the hands of Egyptian task masters.  But, they had entered into their rest after been sojourning day in and day out in the Desert places of Arabia.  They had experienced the first hand on what G-d could do through the leadership of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam.  After all, they were of the household of Levi.  What else could they ask for that the Adonai had not given unto them?!  Nothing, not too much of anything that their mind could think of, and that their hearts could have imaged that the Adonai did not do.  Therefore, when it was the end, they laid where they fell as if they were back in the Land of Egypt, the House of Slavery, but, with the Salvation of Adonai, they peacefully rested.  Awaiting for another Shofar blow, at which time, nobody knew, but surely Adonai would not relinquish them to laid in waste.  That was a hope, the hope of everyman.  Yet, they had to enter their rest.  Just for a moment, to rest they must
Moses saw the land laying west of the Jordan River, and it was good, a land flowing honey and milk, that he too had wanted to enter.  The Lord did not forget him, and the Lord had also told him that he could see it, but not to go into.  Just in case, that they might somehow lost control of the multitude.  After so many years in the wilderness, they had seen enough of everything, except the promised land that the Lord God Almighty promised to Abraham Himself.  Again, Moses wept, just like the first time when the daughter of Pharaoh laid her eyes on the baby floating in a basket upon the water of River Nile.  A very Holy moment of surprise and Divine rescue--Adonai saw him and heard his voice and Moses cried.  Now it was just a small brooks that separated Moses from the promised land, the Land of Abraham, of Jacobs, and of Isaac, that his ancestors had lived, except the Father to Abram was not there since he did not want to move.  After all, Ur was a great city by then, everything the Chaldeans needed was there. 
Moses had devised for them the City of Refuge and the surrounding land belonging to the City.  It must be a walled city and the land had to be large enough so that the escapees could make a living by themselves.  Their rights were preserved so long as they could enter into the Walled City of Refuge to be a refugee of the Land.  Of course, that was their time, and today, we have to look at the City of Petra.  The modern City of Refuge prepared to host the refugees from the west bank of the Jordan River.  Two things will have to happen before Petra will become activated to the registrar as a Modern City:  First, the siege of Jerusalem, or the anticipated Battle of Jerusalem; Second, the Earthquake, due to the fact that the sea has becoming extremely dangerous to all the inhabitants of the land, the way to escape has not yet being revealed.  Obviously, everybody has his or her own mind.  But, the Bible only given the promise to the descendants of Adam and Eve in a collective sense that they all need to agree upon something, i.e., the same thing, then, and only then, it will be done for them.  That is to say, even G-d could not render the Objection in such a course of collective counsel. 
Of course, the King of Selah will have to decree and to decide whence and what could be permitted to enter the agenda for discussions and debates.  Nevertheless, the written words from the Prophets in the ages past had to hold and still is holding the rites and the decrees from the High Court in Heaven.  Therefore, the Kingly council will have to annotate their intent according to the practices and the observances purportedly pursuant to the ancient in conjunction of modernity.  The compunctions of jurisprudence will have to give way to that which is the most up-to-date demand to preserve and to prevent all forms of life necessarily in prolonging the human race in its entirety from being decimated, and, thus, become extinct.  Life is fragile when facing imminent attacks, be it nuclear, tornados, earthquakes, fire, flood, Tsunami, poisons, famine, draught, and disease.  War time might be shortened, but the damage can be very great, huge, if not tremendously done with gross negligence to leave a permanent mark on the Galaxy.
Ugaritic text of Gilgamesh was the only documentation that was very closely resembled the Flood and the story of Noah and his family.  Once lacked attention from the scholars of the ruins across the dried river bed was finally captured the attention of the Crew of Jade workers.  Jade was all that mattered to them whenever they could lay their hands on a fine piece of Jade.  But, one day they found so many pieces of finely crafted jade pieces all over the ancient river bed, then it dawned on them.  What they have found was not something that was some pieces of jade shattered into pieces due to the pressure and time the Glacial movement had forged for them.  They were actually on the floor with foot prints rooted around them, and it was a town, a village, a mill of stone workers.  They were on the ruin of the ancestral city what one day the water came and flushed them all away.  Because all the piece of Jade had been hand crafted, so distinctive and refined, without sealants.  The Carbon dating of the articles mad of jade indicated a time of 5,300 years prior to the date they found.  That indicates to us that something or some events had taken place unknowingly, to the inhabitants of the land.  That the water covered area had to be great in order to wash them away and leave the precious objects at the bottom of the water body.  The joy of finding antiquity turned to sadness when they found out that was actually one of the famous cities in the ancient time.  Of course, had it been people of other ethnicity or origin, then it will not have such a shocking impact.  But, when it was fully released, the sorrowfulness had overtook the crew who had deemed their newly uncovered treasury and wealth.
Very often that we thought it was something insignificant, yet, turned out to be the most urgently needed item of appreciations.  Therefore, in the finite goals of man with the infinite design of God, we realize that there is indeed a God.  A God of the Universe who is in charge of every thing by himself.  Notice the City of Petra was a very famous ancient Crossroad.  Jesus once spoke to Peter that you are Peter.  I will build the Church on top of you.  Like in the Gospel of Matthew 16:18, it said, "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."  Likewise, in Latin,  "Et ego dico tibi, quia tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram ædificabo Ecclesiam meam, et portæ inferi non prævalebunt adversus eam.  Although that was what Jesus was talking to Peter in the Good news of Matthews.  But, in reality that same speech could also be used to address what eventually will have happened later on when the People of God can upon the plain of God.  Notice that the Words of the Lord has been repeatedly planted on the subterranean formations of the ROCK, which acts of planting and watering will have to bear fruits during the harvest time.  Some may yield a hundred fold, some third folds, and some sixty folds.  Always a token of the word of G-d confesses pictures more than words of man can express.  
Normally, it takes three waves to totally uproot the civilization be it ancient of modern. The first wave washes away all that is shamble and having a good buoyance factor. The second wave pushes all the structures and buildings out of its path of outrageous turbulence down and over. The third wave raises the soils from under the structures to immersing it during the emergence of currents. A city or civilization can disappear in just a few seconds due to the shear Force of Nature. 
Such forces we have all seen and observed during the great earthquake in South Asia in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  The bowl shaped ocean by now is no longer easily maneuverable for the submariners since its terrain has changed shape and the wall caused by the crushing of the Teutonic plates it got squeezed up like a several thick layers of pancakes forming a line of walls North-South bound if not careful, the bow just might hit the bottom of the other side of the ocean bed.  Putting a dent on both the deformed sea bed forged wall, and the metallic one on the ship.  Well, this is just a reminder, not to mention the many hundred thousands of life lost during the siege of the Tsunami waves had overtaken the low lands of the islands and landmass surrounding the Indian Ocean.  The survivors of Archie will never forget what had happened on that dreadful day at a moment less expected the prevailing waves from the solemnly peaceful ocean turned on them, despite their generational efforts to appease the gods of their folklore and religion.  Even though it has rescinded into the background of the memory, nonetheless, the intensified sequences of earthly disasters are just in a uprising mode to besiege her inhabitants far and near without their concurrence. 
Likewise, the recently took placed disastrous earthquake in the Sea of Japan caused the waves to take away many life.  What was left was the silver and gold along with the jewelry and coins unattended on the beach, on the city street, on the market place that its owners were all have been washed away by the ocean waves that used to bring them their liveliness for wealth, and for health.  Although the hillside had an ancient remains of water marked line just like the one on the slope of the Imperial Valley, they had never questioned themselves of what had happened to the early residents of the land.  Not until this last time the sea water emerged and rose to the same water marked line of antiquity, then it dawned on them, that there had been other earthquakes that did the same to cause the sea water to drew its line on such a high elevations that a human being could not have reached without the help of the hiking gadgets. 
Now they looked at the renewal water soaked line on the same spot of the hillside with awe and respect, all the doubt and disbelief went with those who had participated in the celebration dedicated to their gods the night before, and the gods dealt back to them a whole different message.  It was so distinctive that no others could help them to interpret, but, by those whose life had perished.  Although the God of the Universe did not require of them their precious life, nor did He ever take delight in the losses, yet, the natural disaster took them away.  Once again, the Lutheran Hymnal of "A Mighty Fortress is our G-d" rang the bell.  A bulwark will never fail.  It is time for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to visit the Land of the Rising Sun again!  So that the Church of Jesus Christ can be built on the Rock, and the gates of Hades cannot prevail against it. 
Anon the Annon Crossing will become busy again, will the Intifada take place over the matter of who gets to cross first or over the manners of what kind of clothes match up with the dressing code?  Should there be the debates rousing the fierce rages between who can do what or what has been done for whom?  Perhaps the best is to have them quietly and quickly moving across the point of exposure to come in under the shadow of the plant gourd, in the booth with Jonah the Prophet to Nineveh.  
Once in Petra stood a huge Greek Orthodox Church named after . . .

This map of Karta Petra is from Wikipedia, the author of the map, Holger Behr, who has surrendered his right to dictate the usage of this item to all participants globally as a fair and descent gesture for all users to the public domain, with a Date of Release indicated as of 15:35, 5th January 2007. 
The next idea in mind was to visit the site on foot by join-in a group, a rather tiny small group of 3 Senior members of the Chinese Church, sort of speech to highlight the excitements and the preparations that was done over the course of a endeared conversations among the friends and comrades for the same purpose to propergate the Kingdom of G=d by depriving the Hell.  That is to preserve more people of G-d, and to keep up with the propergating of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at this very End of Time.  What really excited the Apostles and Disciples of Jesus Christ in the Early Church was nothing short of Reserection on the first try.  However, the more exciting events that had ever taken place in the Koinonia Community was the Ascension of the Lord over the Cloud in to the Heaven and beyond.  Suddenly, the Chinese mythology came to alive, vividly taking place in front of their eyes.  Believing it or not, has forever become a game of the wisemen earthly, yet, to heavenward, that is only one thing short of doubt -- Can anyone like unto Jesus standing on the cloud and ascending into Heaven?!  That answer had became affirmative when one had seen what they had had thought in mind that was only reasonably possibly in another realm by another set of rules.  The event had totally broken the laws that defined physical science, not to mention Physics.  Forget about Chemistry.  The attrection was so great that none who so ever could have ever resisted the motif of going upward instead.  Nonetheless, the lapside was what about for the people that had not been equipped nor was ever promised the escaping route via Ascension?!
There had to exist a hidding place that had been prescribed for the End.  Of course, the shelters can keep safe under the Nuclear Attacks.  But, the environments or the surrounding community cannot live under ths ashes and dusty conditions with radiations and radioactive materials all around.  The modern City of Escaping had to exist, and been made known to the forefathers so that in the generations to come that will not be a sudden alarm alerting the remnants to hide to survive.  Therefore, if you have seen the following picture in live with your own eyes, then you were there and might be there again in no time.


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