Laodicean Church received at least three letters from Paul directly, and none of the letters Paul addressed to the Church of Laodicea passed on to us.  Although the early church fathers did not want to exclude the writings of Paul to Laudiceans.  The effects of the Church Laudicea remain strong to this days, not only as a make belief, but a fact in our daily living that we have no ideas of.  Rmembering the locationof the site from which the church iwas to be found, but, was not there because it had all been crushed into pieces regardless the building structures or the remains of the ruins of the City of Laodicea.  The two rivers there has the waters that is poisonous to drink from.  Therefore, it is like the natural environment cannot afford to the needs of the people who lives there.  Laodicea is a city by night and the people lives their days in opposite to the natural schedules of the time clock even if it was just for an ordinary farmers.

The secrets of Laodicea has all been recorded and marked off.  There is nothing hidden even if it is on public display that none can pick up from the ground any of the objects that has been damaged or tossed off.  However, it is still a remarkable place to visit. The teachings of the churches does not include this one in particular because of its contents and the implications of the style of living.  However, it is the most correctly microscopic view of the modern churches.  That is what making the Book of Revelation amazingly true becasue of the exposure of the way we all behave.  Figuratively speaking, the church was in ages past from so long ago.  Radically speaking, the reality of the church is want it is even today what we are looking for at our own churches the tracesand the fashions are all part of the ancient church.  No wonder it is so hard a place to be and at the same time not belonging to any of the features carried over from Bible. 

God is in the book of Revelation and out of the same book the Reformation Churches had refused to include.  Despite the fact that the author wants it to be read in public, the book itself is only studied for the current situations but not as a guidepost for many.  If time is of the essence.  The genuiness of the book is the answered prophetic words none of us are willing to acknowledge or accept.  Nobody wants to be living in the Last Generation, but it will eventually comes to the last generation when least expected.  No wonder the time has fleeing from our days.

Visibly is the signs and wonders concerning the fulfillments of the end time prophecies.  We are in the end and knowing that this generation will all have passed away, but the words of God will not past away.  Nobody wants to be reminded and the financial institutes are getting what the world needed the most to demonstrate the end results of the life style that is beyond and remains the same at the same time.  It is not a predictaments of the end.  The end is to be lived through. 

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